Super Charge
Student Brain Power
Applying Neuroscience to
Empower Student Learning,
Achievement and Behavior
CogniMoves® is an innovative cognitive-motor movement program for the classroom. Children play CogniMoves® to strengthen Executive Function skills, the essential pre-requisites for learning and achievement.
Strengthens Executive Function
Executive Function skills are a foundational element in learning, behavior, and achievement in the classroom. Our pilots studies have shown increased executive function skills in K-3 students that use CogniMoves® in class.
Teachers use CogniMoves® to improve students’ abilities to self-regulate, ease classroom transitions & refocus. Since it is designed to be used as a class, it is a socially-cohesive experience that encourages students to support one another in their cognitive, social, and motor growth.
Improves Cognitive Flexibility
Changing patterns of movement in the CogniMoves® visual-motor code requires children’s thinking to be flexible, resulting in a better ability to problem solve as well as respond to changes in their environment and expectations.
The Experience
Students move to motor patterns in time to a musical beat as they follow along with the animal characters. The videos are developmentally appropriate, increasingly cognitively demanding and include intentional pauses, changes in tempo, rhythm, and timing that engage self-regulation and Executive Function skills. The videos are simple to use and require no teacher planning.
Increased Complexity
Once students have mastered a given pattern of movements, the class moves up to a new cognitive-motor pattern which is more complex and thus more challenging. This continues to strengthen students’ Executive Function skills. At the end of each video, a breathing relaxation segment transitions students from the physical activity to a state of alert calm and ready to learn.
What the community is saying
“My students are visibly moved with joy when they do well in a level of CogniMoves® that’s been stumping them.”
-Sophia L., Chandler Unified School District Teacher
“I love getting to a new level in CogniMoves®… I know my brain is growing stronger.”
-Student, Chandler Unified School District
“Building Executive Function skills has been the missing ingredient in education for a long time. CogniMoves® is changing that.”
-Anne K., NYC Public School Principal