Frequently Asked Questions
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What is CogniMoves®?
CogniMoves® is a cognitive-motor movement program, designed to strengthen Executive Function skills in K-3 students, and in so doing, prime their brains for learning.
What’s the science?
CogniMoves® includes a systematic progression of increasing cognitive and motor demands designed to strengthen the neural pathways associated with learning, attention, and behavior. This intervention can have a substantial impact in children’s lives, improving learning outcomes and behavior.
How does it work?
CogniMoves® Primes The Brain for Learning by Building Executive Function Skills:
⇨ Sustained attention
⇨ Memory
⇨ Self-regulation
⇨ Resist distractions
⇨ Tolerate frustration
⇨ Cognitive flexibility
⇨ Patterning, Sequencing and Planning
How do I start?
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What do I need to do?
The CogniMoves® videos require no teacher planning and are projected on classroom interactive whiteboards from a computer.
Students move to the pattern in time to a musical beat in their learning space. The videos are increasingly cognitively demanding and their rhythmic movement patterns include intentional pauses, changes in tempo, rhythm, and timing that engage self-regulation and other Executive Function skills.
Who is CogniMoves® for?
Because Executive Function skills can be strengthened at any age, CogniMoves® is for all students K-3!
What is Executive Function and why is it important?
Executive function (EF) refers to a set of skills which are prerequisites for the ability to learn and include self-regulation, self-control, focused attention, working memory, and cognitive flexibility. EF skills are critical to learning, behavior, and achievement in the classroom and beyond. Deficits in EF, particularly in working memory, increase kindergarten children’s risk of experiencing repeated mathematics, reading, and science difficulties across elementary school.
I am a teacher. When should I use CogniMoves®?
Cognimoves® can be used any time throughout the day. Teachers often report strategic use of CogniMoves® at the beginning of the day, before or after transitions, or prior to a test or difficult learning module.
How do I contact CogniMoves® for Technical Support?
If you need technical support of any kind, please email